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YMCA at Virginia Tech (Y Student Programs)

Join Virginia Tech's second oldest student organization and help foster youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility in the New River Valley and beyond! The YMCA - building community through leadership, learning, and service since 1873!

Young American Collegiate Hedge-Fund Triumvirate (Yacht Club)

The vision of our club is to create a coalition of individuals to manage a hedge fund account in order to gain networking experience, discuss investment strategy as a team, and learn from actual capital gains and losses while creating social connections.

Young Americans for Freedom at Virginia Tech (YAF)

"Dedicated to encouraging active citizenship among young people and upholding conservative and traditional values." -Young Americans for Freedom chapter agreement

Young Americans for Liberty at Virginia Tech (YAL@VT)

Young Americans for Liberty at Virginia Tech is dedicated to promoting the idea of liberty among students. We are socially tolerant, fiscally responsible, anti-war, and advocate for a return to small government constrained by the U.S. Constitution.

Young Democratic Socialists (YDS)

The youth section of Democratic Socialists of America, fighting for economic and social justice in the Virginia Tech community for all and not the few.

Young Democrats at Virginia Tech (VTYD)

We're the kids who keep Blacksburg blue.

Young Life

Young Life is a Christian organization that reaches out to local high school and middle school students. Recently Young Life College started to have an event that everyone can come to. We train and equip Virginia Tech students in leadership skills.