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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs Unit at Virginia Tech (AUP Virginia Tech)

AUP Virginia Tech serves as Virginia Tech's detachment of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs. Members serve in Flotilla 83, and are able to take advantage of great leadership training through a unique partnership with the Corps of Cadets.

UKirk Ministry at Virginia Tech (UKirk Presbyterian Ministry)

UKirk Ministry at Virginia Tech is located in Cooper House off of Washington Street. It is a safe place of community, fellowship, worship, and service. A place to grow stronger in our faith, and stronger together.

Ultimate Club at Virginia Tech (Burn Ultimate)

The Ultimate Club travels to other universities and competes regionally in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments.

Ultimate Field Hockey

This is a club for women/men that enjoy playing field hockey. No experience is necessary and bring any equipment that you may need because it is play at your own risk. This club is just for recreation and is not associated with the official club team.

Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society (UBES)

The members of the organization are undergraduate students at VT interested in biomedical engineering. Our mission is to raise awareness among undergraduates and the external community about the biomedical presence at Virginia Tech.

Undergraduate Linguistics Club

A club for undergraduates interested in linguistics and language sciences.

Undergraduate Moot Court Club (Moot Court)

Moot Court is a form of debate that simulates argument before the United States Supreme Court. Two-person teams argue both for and against the constitutionality of fictitious laws based on real U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

Undergraduate Researchers at Virginia Tech (URVT)

We are an organization dedicated to providing resources to those who are or wish to be involved with undergraduate research at Virginia Tech.

Undergraduate Student Representative to the Board of Visitors (BOV - Undergrad Rep)

Gather student opinion and represent the undergraduate population to Virginia Tech' Board of Visitors.

UNICEF Club at Virginia Tech

Welcome to VA Tech's UNICEF Club. VA Tech joins over 120 UNICEF Campus Initiative Clubs in the nation who believe college students can help the world's children survive.

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