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Safe Shuttle at Virginia Tech

The mission of Safe Shuttle is to offer safe rides home to students at Virginia Tech to curtail drunk driving and sexual assault. We provide reliable and free transportation to build a stronger and more secure community here in Blacksburg


The SailBOT Team's goal is to design, and build a 2-meter long, fully autonomous sailboat for competition in the North American SailBot Regatta. The team consists of undergraduate students and is open to all academic levels and majors.

Sailing Club at Virginia Tech (SCVT)

Welcome to the Sailing Club at Virginia Tech! We have options to sail recreationally or competitively, and we do not require any sailing experience to join. Feel free to reach out if you are interested!


SalsaTech promotes Latin dancing through weekly lessons and dance parties, along with the occasional professional workshops and trips to Salsa and Bachata Congresses.

Sash and Saber Honor Society (S&S)

Mission: To recognize and unite outstanding citizen leader track cadets for their collegiate accomplishment and acts of service.

Saturday Morning /C/artoons (SM/C/VT)

Do you love cartoons? We love cartoons! So watch cartoons with us, Saturday Morning /C/artoons! We show the best (and sometimes the worst) cartoons every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Saturday Morning /C/artoons. Where your nostalgia manifests.

Saudi Student Club at Virginia Tech (Saudi Student Club at VT)

The club plans to organize cultural events that present Saudi Arabia as a country, society, culture, and tradition. We strive to educate American about our values and embrace trust among us. The club vision is Simply Share Cultural Values and Trust.

Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society (Scabbard and Blade)

We are dedicated to developing aspiring and current military officers that emulate the Five Star qualities (Honor, Leadership, Professionalism, Officership, and Unity) while fostering strong joint-service relationships.

Schiffert Health Center

Schiffert Health Center’s mission is to ensure the delivery of high-quality, accessible, cost-effective, and culturally competent medical care and health promotion for Virginia Tech students.

School of Architecture + Design (a+d)

The School of Architecture + Design houses four majors - Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture

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