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Airsoft Club @ Virginia Tech (ACVT)

Students participating in the sport of Airsoft with a focus on working together as a team and military simulation.

Badminton Club at Virginia Tech (Badminton Club)

The badminton club meets on Fridays, 8:00 pm -11:00 pm, and Saturdays, 8:00 pm -10:30 pm at War Memorial Gym, room 125, to play badminton. We host an annual one-day Virginia Tech Open tournament in the Spring semester, and travel to local tournaments.

Ballroom Dance at Virginia Tech (BD@VT)

Ballroom Dance at Virginia Tech is an organization dedicated to teaching ballroom style dances to students and the community at a beginner level.

Barbell Club of Virginia Tech

We are an athletic club devoted to competing in strength sports such as powerlifting and olympic weightlifting This is a perfect club to join for students interested in getting stronger and learning how to build a lifetime habit of weight training.

Bass Fishing Team at Virginia Tech (BFTVT)

The Bass fishing Team at Virginia Tech competes at a high intercollegiate level in the sport of college bass fishing.

Battle Club at Tech

Battle Club is a group dedicated to live action fights with foam weapons!!!

Billiards Club at Virginia Tech (Billiards Club)

The Billiards Club of Virginia Tech is comprised of 30+ members who meet in Squires Student Center's BreakZONE on Tuesdays from 7-9P. Whether you're looking for competition or leisure, the billiards club is a great place to be!

Black Diamond Archery Club at Virginia Tech

A group dedicated to the practice and teaching of target archery.

Blue Ridge Orienteering Club-VT (BROC)

We are a group who enjoy orienteering, running, mountain biking, adventure racing and navigation outdoors.

Car Club at Virginia Tech (CCVT)

An organization with a common love for cars and especially anything with a motor. We do anything from weekend track days to getting lunch between classes. Our goal is to provide a safe, legal, and fun environment for all types of automotive enthusiasts.

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