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Agronomy Club at Virginia Tech (Agronomy Club)

Agronomy Club is one of the oldest organizations on campus. We are involved in many events across campus and host our own Peanut Sale in the fall semester and a Chili dinner in the spring.

Airsoft Club @ Virginia Tech (ACVT)

Students participating in the sport of Airsoft with a focus on working together as a team and military simulation.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter at Virginia Tech (AAPG-VT)

The American Association for Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) student chapter at Virginia Tech is made up of collegiate geoscience students and is one of the world's foremost co-educational programs within the geoscience sector.

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers is a professional networking organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems.

American Water Resources Association Chapter at Virginia Tech (AWRAatVT)

Our mission is to support local, regional, and national waterways through water education, service, management, and research.

Association for Bangladeshi Students at Virginia Tech (ABS@VT)

ABS serves to bring together the Bangladeshi community at Virginia Tech and surrounding areas. We look towards the interests of the Bangladeshi students and aim to connect them with each other and the local communities.

AUVSI at Virginia Tech (AUVSI)

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) works to advance the unmanned systems and robotics community, from cars to drones and nanobots. Typical meetings include unmanned vehicle demonstrations, speakers, and building workshops.

Ballroom Dance at Virginia Tech (BD@VT)

Ballroom Dance at Virginia Tech is an organization dedicated to teaching ballroom style dances to students and the community at a beginner level.

Bass Fishing Team at Virginia Tech (BFTVT)

The Bass fishing Team at Virginia Tech competes at a high intercollegiate level in the sport of college bass fishing.

Battle Club at Tech

Battle Club is a group dedicated to live action fights with foam weapons!!!

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