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Alpha Rho Chi (APX)

The national professional fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. Open to any undergraduate interested in architecture and related design majors.

Amateur Radio Association (VTARA)

The purposes of VTARA are to encourage an understanding of and an interest in amateur radio, to provide a station for the use of club members, and to provide emergency and public service communications.

Ask Big Questions (ABQ)

Mission Statement: To bring diverse groups of people together in order to engage in meaningful conversation.


An Africana student magazine focused on the issues and culture of Black students, and other students of color, at Virginia Tech. Bloom Magazine is a collaboration between undergraduate, graduate students and community members in Blacksburg.

Bugle yearbook

The student-run Bugle, Virginia Tech’s yearbook since 1895, is the original Hokie tradition. Full of the people, places and events that mark the year in VT history, the Bugle helps you share memories for a lifetime.

Collegiate Times (CT)

The Collegiate Times is an independent, student-run newspaper that serves the Virginia Tech campus and Blacksburg. It is printed twice a week during the school year and publishes continuously at

Crafts & Coffee (C&C)

Enjoy crafting, calligraphy, coloring, or coffee? Come meet like-minded people and make some new friends at the C&C Club! No experience necessary!

Creative Photography Club (CPVT)

The Creative Photography Club is a group for photography enthusiasts all over campus to come together no matter what your skill level or type of equipment.

Dank Meme Club

This club is dedicated to dankness. We like memes.

Engineers' Forum

Engineers' Forum is a student magazine that has been in operation for the past 30 years. We write articles that highlight the latest engineering and technology trends with a focus on what is happening here on campus related to engineering.

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