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Magic Society At Virginia Tech (MSVT)

A Society For Magicians and Illusionists

Magic: The Gathering Team (MTG Team)

An organization of competitive players of Magic: The Gathering.

Maker Club at Virginia Tech (MCVT)

The Maker Club is designed to give students an opportunity to express their creativity, design, and construction skills through real life engineering related problems and competitions. It is also for people to learn skills that one cannot learn in class.

Malaysian Student Association (MASA)

An organization in Virginia Tech to connect and gather Malaysian students or anyone interested in the Malaysian culture.

Management Society (The Management Society at Virginia Tech)

Open to all undergraduate majors, the Management Society aims to relate management to everyday life in your career and learn things not necessarily learned in a classroom setting.

Mandal at Virginia Tech (VTM)

-Mandal is a group of people who come together for social activities -Mandal celebrates 'Ganesh Utsav' every year and ethnic festivities -Platform for networking, socializing, academic guidance -Have picnics and go hiking -

Martial Arts Council (MAC @ VT)

Martial Arts Council a collection of martial arts groups, which have the common goal of sharing their passion for their martial art to the community at large.

Maryland Veterinary Medical Association- Student Chapter (MVMA-SC)

The student chapter of the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association operates out of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. We serve to strengthen the connection between the MVMA and all veterinary students at VA-MD Vet Med.

Material Culture & Public Humanities Graduate Student Association (MCPHGSA/ MCPH Graduate Student Association)

The MCPH Graduate Student Association at Virginia Tech exists to promote communication among students and faculty and venues through which the study of Material Culture & Public Humanities can reach the university and public at large.

Materials Engineering Professional Society (MEPS)

MEPS stands for Materials Engineering Professional Societies; it is an organization for both undergraduates and graduates interested in Materials Science and Engineering.

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