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1st Generation at Virginia Tech (1G at VT)

This organization is for individuals who are or were the first in their family to attend a bachelor's degree granting institution. Open to Undergrads, Grad Students and Faculty who identify as first-generation or who are interested in 1st gen concerns.

Agricultural Technology Club (Ag Tech)

Bringing Agricultural Technology students closer to their education through study groups, employment opportunities, and socializing from within the club.

Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education Graduate Student Council (ALCEGSC)

The organization has been created to connect the professional development, outreach efforts, and social engagment of Agricultural, Leaderships, and Community Education graduate students.

Air Power Association (APA)

APA is dedicated to the pursuit of bettering our members and furthering their knowledge of the air, space, and cyber domains upon which our nation operates in.

Airsoft Club @ Virginia Tech (ACVT)

Students participating in the sport of Airsoft with a focus on working together as a team and military simulation.

ALPFA Student Chapter at Virginia Tech (ALPFA)

We work to empower and develop Students as leaders of character in every sector of the global economy.

Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR)

National Social/Professional Agricultural Fraternity

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA)

The Theta Phi Chapter has graced the campus of Virginia Tech since 1974. Eight exceptional young women who dedicate their talent, time, and hearts to the goals of Alpha Kappa Alpha currently comprise the chapter.

Alpha Rho Theta Service Fraternity (Alpha Rho)

Alpha Rho Theta's purpose on campus will be to serve as a service fraternity that will benefit the local homeless community. We will accomplish this by raising money via fundraisers and events, volunteering in the community, and raising awareness.

Alpha Sigma Phi (ASP)

To Better the Man, through the creation and perpetuation of brotherhood founded upon the values of character… Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, Patriotism.

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