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Japanese Cultural Association (JCA)

Japanese Cultural Association (JCA) is an organization dedicated to fostering interest and education of Japanese culture.

Jazz Club

Appreciation of all forms of jazz. Learn about jazz events in and around Blacksburg. All welcome. Above all, come and enjoy some smooth smooth jazz.

Jewish Business Association (JBA)

The main goal of the association is to unite undergraduate students who are interested in business through Jewish themed career development opportunities, networking seminars, and social events.

Jewish Business Leaders at Virginia Tech (J.B.L.)

Jewish Business Leaders at Virginia Tech aims to connect Jewish students with the business world and to help them as they explore and prepare for their future careers.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

JSU serves as an umbrella organization for the Jewish student organizations on campus. JSU's mission includes providing an open forum for communication and serving as an advocate/liaison between Jewish students, administration and the campus community.

Jews in Science and Engineering (JEWSE)

JEWSE of the Virginia Tech is determined to motivate its members to reach their full potential as engineers and leaders, to provide a venue for Jewish engineering students to embrace their religion, culture, and heritage.

Jo'Shag 2013-2014 (Jo'Shag)

A page for the residents and staff of Jo'Shag.

Journal Club for the Physical Sciences (JCPS)

This organization is a forum for graduate students in the chemistry department and related fields to discuss current research and research publications.


Junoon is Virginia Tech’s first competitive fusion dance team. Junoon exhibits a modern perspective on Indian traditions fused with popular American dance styles. Junoon performs all year round at various cultural and community events and competitions.

Just Ruff-in It (JRI)

Looking for more furry friends for your dog? Or possibly would love to adventure with a bunch of dogs? JRI provides socialization for dog owners and their dogs along with new adventures! Also looking to help out with animal shelters and rescue animals.

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