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Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Graduate Student Association (AOEGSA)

Organization geared toward increasing the coherence and voice of the Aerospace & Ocean Engineering Graduate students at Virginia Tech.

Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education Graduate Student Council (ALCEGSC)

The organization has been created to connect the professional development, outreach efforts, and social engagment of Agricultural, Leaderships, and Community Education graduate students.

Alpha Psi (AΨ)

Purpose: To promote a stronger bond between the veterinary colleges of the United States and Canada; to create a better feeling among the students of all veterinary colleges, and to infuse a deeper interest in the study of veterinary science.

Black Graduate Student Organization (BGSO)

Black Graduate Student Organization

Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF)

Veterinary school students, staff, and faculty encouraging one another towards Jesus Christ through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, outreach, and mission trips. A chapter of Christian Veterinary Mission.

CIB Student Chapter at Virginia Tech (CIB @ VT)

Provide a means by which students who will be the future leaders of building research and innovation are able to engage with and be inspired by current leading edge building research worldwide.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

EERI is a national, nonprofit, technical society dedicated to reducing earthquake risk by advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering. Participation ranges from officer roles, seismic design team members and general body members.

Fish and Wildlife Graduate Student Association (FIWGSA)

We serve the graduate students of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Graduate Arts Council (GAC)

The Graduate Arts Council is a group of students dedicated to exploring, supporting, and expanding the arts in and around Virginia Tech.

Graduate Engineering Mechanics Society (GEMS)

GEMS exists to promote community and collaboration around topics in Engineering Mechanics, primarily for students pursuing a degree or conducting research in the Engineering Mechanics program.

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