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209 Manna Ministries (209MM)

209 Manna Ministries is an on-campus emergency food pantry that provides food, toiletries, and school supplies for free to college students at Virginia Tech. We are a donation-based pantry that accepts food drives, shoppers, and volunteers at any time.

Agronomy Club at Virginia Tech (Agronomy Club)

Agronomy Club is one of the oldest organizations on campus. We are involved in many events across campus and host our own Peanut Sale in the fall semester and a Chili dinner in the spring.

Ask Big Questions (ABQ)

Mission Statement: To bring diverse groups of people together in order to engage in meaningful conversation.

Association for Bangladeshi Students at Virginia Tech (ABS@VT)

ABS serves to bring together the Bangladeshi community at Virginia Tech and surrounding areas. We look towards the interests of the Bangladeshi students and aim to connect them with each other and the local communities.

British Club at Virginia Tech

Discussion of various cultural and historical British events. We will celebrate British culture by drinking tea and eating scones and will broaden the horizons of many students. We hope to incorporate literature and film.

Caribbean Student Organization (CaribSO)

CaribSO is a student-run organization that aims to share the varied and unique cultures of the Caribbean with the Virginia Tech Community, and facilitate the gathering of Caribbean people attending the university.

Chai Alpha at Viginia Tech (Chai Alpha)

Do you like chai tea? We like chai tea. Do you want to feel superior to Chocolate Milk Monday Club? We are superior to Chocolate Milk Monday Club.

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)

Club Management Association of America (CMAA) student chapter helps connect students to the professional CMAA network and educate students about the many skills and jobs needed in the Hospitality industry.

Collegiate Beef Leadership Council at Virginia Tech (Virginia Tech Beef Leadership Council)

The purpose of this Council and its members shall be to serve as knowledgeable advocates for the beef industry to the general public, with a special emphasis on the Virginia Tech campus community.

Collegiate Young Farmers at Virginia Tech

Collegiate Young Farmers at Virginia Tech supports agriculture through production, education, promotion, advocacy and leadership. We are affiliated with the VA Farm Bureau Young Farmers.

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