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Eagle Scout Association of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets (ESA VTCC)

A service/ venture organization for Cadets who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout where they can continue to pursue their interests in Scouting.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

EERI is a national, nonprofit, technical society dedicated to reducing earthquake risk by advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering. Participation ranges from officer roles, seismic design team members and general body members.

Economics Club at Virginia Tech (Econ Club)

Come share your opinions, gain new perspectives, learn about job and grad school opportunities, and support, network, and socialize with fellow Econ students!

Economics in Sports (ES)

This organization's goal is to discuss and research the economic impacts of various aspects of sports.

EDM Club

A club for those who love anything and everything about electronic music! Please join our Facebook group for our latest events and news!

Emerging Artists (EA)

An organization of amateur and developing musicians at Virginia Tech. The organization focuses on exposure, primarily giving member artists opportunities to hone their skills through live performances and promotion of their music.

Emerging Healthcare Leaders (EHL)

Our mission is to unify young, motivated leaders from all fields of healthcare and work towards enhancing the quality of life through community service and awareness. EHL unites future healthcare professionals under common monthly themes.


We are an on-campus group that is dedicated to raising awareness of Alzheimer's Disease, fundraising for research in hopes of finding treatments and a cure to end Alzheimer's, and working along side the Alzheimer's Association to understand the disease.

Engineers' Forum

Engineers' Forum is a student magazine that has been in operation for the past 30 years. We write articles that highlight the latest engineering and technology trends with a focus on what is happening here on campus related to engineering.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders.

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