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Blacksburg Blades

The Blacksburg Blades is an organization dedicated to studying and practicing HEMA, or historical European martial arts. Our main goal is to practice and teach Longsword history and fencing. Absolutely no experience necessary, all are welcome!

Blacksburg Go Club

We play the Chinese board game, Go, every Tuesday.

Chinese Motorsports Club (CMC)

Our organization provides the opportunity to all the Chinese Motorsport enthusiasts to communicate and exchange the information about car and motorcycle.

Golf Club of Virginia Tech (VT Club Golf)

The purpose of the Golf Club of Virginia Tech is to provide students an oppurtunity to play competitive golf at a higher level.

Hurling at Virginia Tech (Scourge)

Hurling Club at Virginia Tech. Meets regularly to learn, play, and compete under GAA rules and organizations. Participates in GAA tournaments along the east coast and collaborates regularly with the Richmond Battery.

Korean Graduate Basketball (KGB)

We are Korean Graduate Basketball. We love basketball. We play game every Thursday 8PM at War Memorial Hall. Anyone who wants to play basketball or want to learn playing, come out!


A student-based club that focuses on gathering the active powerlifting community

PhD Work Out Club (PWOC)

PhD has life! Come and Join group work out at War Memorial Gym with other PhD students to release stress from your research and advisor.

Rubik's Cubing at Virginia Tech (RCVT)

This is the Rubik's Cube club at Virginia Tech! Anyone can join, whether it is to learn how to solve it or to get faster. This organization encourages students to teach and learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube using beginner and advanced methods!

Table Tennis Club at Virginia Tech (TT@VT)

This is an organization to help develop the sport of table tennis in the Virginia Tech community and field a team to participate in NCTTA Intercollegiate events.

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