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AdvanceVT assists Virginia Tech in preparing, recruiting, and retaining high quality and diverse faculty. Programs target graduate students preparing for faculty careers, faculty and administrators.

BreakZONE Recreation Center

BreakZONE is Virginia Tech’s home of billiards, bowling, table tennis, karaoke and gaming. BreakZONE’s relaxing environment offers a way to spend some time with friends or family.

Business Diversity Center (BDC)

The mission of the Business Diversity Center is to build greater understanding of the impact of diversity and multiculturalism on individual effectiveness and corporate competitiveness.

Career and Professional Development

Career Services welcomes and serves all students in all majors at Virginia Tech, freshmen through graduate level.

Cochrane Hillcrest RA Staff

A gathering space for the resident advisors of Cochrane Hall and Hillcrest Hall.

Commission on Student Affairs (CSA)

The charge of the Commission on Student Affairs is to study, formulate, and recommend to University Council policies and procedures which affect graduate and undergraduate student life and morale.

Dining Services (DS Staff)

Part of the Division of Student Affairs, Virginia Tech Dining Services operates the award winning dining facilities at Virginia Tech. For more information visit our website at

Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to providing a rich co-curricular experience and essential student services. Virtually every aspect of a student's life outside the classroom is represented by the division's fifteen departments.



DSA Muliticultural Competence Committee

The DSA-MCC has been charged to develop a framework for cultural competency education and training within the Division of Student Affairs.

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