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Campbells/Egglestons Staff

We are the residence life staff for the communities of Campbell Halls and Eggleston Halls.

Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF)

Student Bible study group that meets regularly for topical and scriptural studies. Spring 2015 - Book of James

Campus Outreach (CO)

Campus Outreach is a Christian ministry at Virginia Tech. Our mission is, "To glorify God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world".

Campus Scouts at Virginia Tech

The Campus Scouts is an organization that provides opportunities to be involved in Scouting and leadership development by hosting events for local Boy and Girl Scout communities.

Car Club at Virginia Tech (CCVT)

An organization with a common love for cars and especially anything with a motor. We do anything from weekend track days to getting lunch between classes. Our goal is to provide a safe, legal, and fun environment for all types of automotive enthusiasts.

Career and Professional Development

Career Services welcomes and serves all students in all majors at Virginia Tech, freshmen through graduate level.

Caribbean Student Organization (CaribSO)

CaribSO is a student-run organization that aims to share the varied and unique cultures of the Caribbean with the Virginia Tech Community, and facilitate the gathering of Caribbean people attending the university.

Cassell Guard

Cassell Guard is Virginia Tech Basketball's student support organization. They lead the student section in cheering for the Men's and Women's Basketball teams and serve as a liaison between these teams and students.

Casual Magic: The Gathering Club (Casual MTG)

It is officially re-banded. Feel free to contact me at with any questions

Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER)

CIDER fosters the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of disciplinary and interdisciplinary learner-centered instruction.

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