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1st Generation at Virginia Tech (1G at VT)

This organization is for individuals who are or were the first in their family to attend a bachelor's degree granting institution. Open to Undergrads, Grad Students and Faculty who identify as first-generation or who are interested in 1st gen concerns.

209 Manna Ministries (209MM)

209 Manna Ministries is an on-campus emergency food pantry that provides food, toiletries, and school supplies for free to college students at Virginia Tech. We are a donation-based pantry that accepts food drives, shoppers, and volunteers at any time.

2Loud at Virginia Tech (2Loud)

2Loud at Virginia Tech is a Car Audio Club and Team that explores the ins and outs of car audio. The Team researches, builds, tests, and tunes a SPL (sound pressure level) car for car audio competitions.