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Actuary Club at Virginia Tech (ACVT)

The Actuary Club at Virginia Tech is an organization that introduces students to the actuarial profession and provides a place to learn about and study for actuarial exams. We also help to connect students to prospective actuarial employers.


AdvanceVT assists Virginia Tech in preparing, recruiting, and retaining high quality and diverse faculty. Programs target graduate students preparing for faculty careers, faculty and administrators.

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)

Seventh-Day Adventist Bible study group

Aerial Robotics Club at Virginia Tech (ARC)

The purpose of the Aerial Robotics Club at Virginia Tech is for UAV enthusiasts to discuss and explore ideas for UAVs and their applications, and ultimately to build and fly them in real life.

Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Graduate Student Association (AOEGSA)

Networking and community promoting organization for the AOE graduate students. Provides social and developmental events to encourage community, diversity, and professional growth.

Afghan Student Association (ASA)

Promoting awareness and understanding of Afghan culture and bringing the Afghan-American community together at Virginia Tech.

African Students Association (ASA)

We are the African Students Association at Virginia Tech. We enlighten the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities about Africa and bring awareness on several issues.

Ag Econ Club

We are dedicated to providing an environment in which members pursue professional, educational, and social development while striving to empower themselves with opportunities in the fields of agricultural business, marketing, and applied economics.

Aging Voices Project

The Aging Voices Project is a service organization designed to help elderly in the local area. We hope to make agreements and connects with local nursing homes and assisted living facilities to conduct volunteer work as well as biographical interviews.

Agricultural Technology Club (Ag Tech)

Bringing Agricultural Technology students closer to their education through study groups, employment opportunities, and socializing from within the club.