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209 Manna Ministries

The mission of 209 Manna Ministries is to provide food, toiletries, and school supplies for students at Virginia Tech. Customers will be welcomed by open hearts, open minds, open arms, and open doors, confidentiality is key for students to feel welcome.

2Loud at Virginia Tech (2Loud)

2Loud at Virginia Tech is a Car Audio Club and Team that explores the ins and outs of car audio. The Team researches, builds, tests, and tunes a SPL (sound pressure level) car for car audio competitions.

4th and Goal

4th and Goal is a student organization that will meet 1-4 times per month to discuss fundraising ideas and events to raise money for multiple myeloma research

600 Club (Wake Up Now)

A club for individuals interested in entrepreneurship and looking to expand and improve on their leadership skills.

A Second Chance (Second Chance)

An organization dedicated to giving abused and neglected horses in the Blacksburg and Roanoke area a second chance in life by giving them physical and emotional help in the hopes to find them a new home.


Indian Acapella Group.

Abundant Life Student Ministries (Abundant Life)

Abundant Life is designed to target a group of students that are interested in studying the Bible and following God's direction for their life. Abundant Life is an outreach of Gateway Baptist Church, Blacksburg, VA.

Academic Competition Organization at Virginia Tech (ACO-VT)

We are an organization dedicated to competing in intercollegiate quiz bowl competitions and hosting high school and collegiate competitions.

Academic Flying Team at Virginia Tech (AFT@VT)

A group of students interested in the art and sport of glider flying. We participate in soaring races and conduct research into the aerodynamic and atmospheric phenomena which interact with gliders.

Accounting Society at Virginia Tech

The Accounting Society at Virginia Tech is a professional student organization that aims to connect students to prospective employers.

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