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Saturday, August 19 2017, 12:00 PM to Monday, August 21 2017, 1:00 PM
52 Days until this Event

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to observe one of the coolest astronomical events available to man? You're in luck, because this August the continental United States will witness a solar eclipse! Solar eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth lie in a straight line. As the Moon passes perfectly between the Sun and Earth, the Moon's shadow is cast down on the Earth and makes a magnificent sight for us on the ground! Being a rare event, this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Our SEDS-siblings at Tennessee Tech are lying on the Line of Totality, the area where the Moon completely blocks out the Sun. Generously, they plan on hosting a weekend event filled with different space-related activities, ending with a viewing of the eclipse in the TnTech football stadium. The event starts Saturday August 19th, and concludes Monday August 21st, with the eclipse being that Monday morning. You will be given the option of staying both nights or just Sunday night, the rates are $75 and $60 respectively. If rides are available, you will also have the option of driving that Monday morning just for the viewing. Lodging space will be provided on the Tennessee Tech campus, it is asked you just bring sleeping mats or other sleeping arrangements. For more information and registration, as well as Tennessee Tech's contact information, follow the link here or visit
Registration ends August 6th. All are welcome!

This event has limited spacing for lodging, so plan on signing up before the end of July. With booked hotels all across the state, this may be your only chance!

In order to organize rides for everyone, please fill out this survey before August 6th. Failure to complete the survey may leave us with no choice but to leave you behind!

Feel free to contact us at vtseds@gmail.com with any questions regarding the event.

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Recreational Activity