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Monday, May 1 2017, 6:00 PM to 11:45 PM

The following information is all you need to know about poker club and is up to date for spring 2017
The Poker Club is an official Virginia Tech Club in which we hold weekly games, tournaments, and help student work on their poker playing skills. No fees to join no requirements to stay. No rake 100% of what people buy in goes back to the players.
25 Chips bonus for getting there within 30 minutes from when we start. Can be an hour late. Rebuys for first hour.
Sometimes we do dealers choice for first blind level.
Fridays there is a free game and money game completely separate.
Mondays 5$ buy-in tournament.

Sometimes we do bounty tournaments tomorrow. They work like this.
You'll buy-in for 5$ but 4$ go to the normal tournament and 1$ is bounty.
We'll give everyone a bonus chip call it you're bounty at the beginning, a non tournament currency chip, just cash prize worth. So when you get knocked out you give that person (who knocked you out) you're bounty-chip. But you keep all the other life-chips from when you knocked others out. So whenever you get knocked out you give your 1-chip away but, cash those others in.

We meet every Monday from 6PM to 8:45PM in Johnston Student Center 304.
+ Fridays 4:30pm -830pm in Squires 342.
**Just note that Squires and Johnston are in two different places Monday and Friday.

Different Dates
Friday: March 24th Squires236 430-830pm
Friday: March 31st Squires314 430-830pm
Monday: April 10th Squires342 6-9pm


Nothing Available:
Friday: February 3rd NONE!
Friday Feb 24th None!!
Friday March 3rd Spring Break!!
Monday: April 3rd None!!


Johnston Student Center Room 304 @6p

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Self-Understanding & Integrity, Social