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The Student Affiliates program supports undergraduate students, their faculty, and the local section members in promoting professional development, mentoring, and peer-support mechanisms for those majoring in the chemical sciences.

Giving students the professional edge, student affiliation allows students to network with top professionals, attend scientific meetings, and directly access research. Affiliates also enjoy substantial discounts on ACS journals, Chemical & Engineering News, four issues of the undergraduate career magazine in chemistry, career and employment services, and the Directory of Experience Opportunities that lists co-ops, internships, and summer jobs for undergraduate chemical science students.

Joining the Chemistry Club is a great way to get involved on campus and in the community. We are proud to host many programs and events that promote science education in the area. Such programs include our "Chemical Illusion Show" where members and faculty alike perform fun scientific demonstrations, and our after-school elementary programs, where we visit elementary schools, bringing exciting demonstrations to stimulate the young minds in our area. In addition, we have collaborated with the Boy Scouts in the past, and hope to expand our community outreach to the Girl Scouts.

The club also encourages undergraduate research as an important part of the Virginia Tech experience. We are proud to host guest speakers from our own department as well as the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Besides all of these great activities, we are also a group of friends that are willing to help each other study as well as hang out! We are a small but growing organization that is always looking for new members!

**In 2010, the Chemistry Club received the Certificate of Achievement and the Green Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society for last year's activities, which the officers reported to the ACS in May.  The green activities included separating different plastics at Floyd Elementary, promoting recycling at the Chemical Illusions show in the spring, and learning about the energy saving measures being taken at Eastman Chemical during our tour in April.

Visit our website at https://sites.google.com/a/vt.edu/chemistry-club-at-virginia-tech/

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