Gobblerfest 2017 - Friday, September 8, 2017

Gobblerfest 2017 Registration

Thank you for your interest in participating in Gobblerfest 2017! Please see some important details before continuing with your registration.

  • Confirmation emails will be sent out Fridays. Invoices will not be emailed until after July 1.
  • The Gobblerfest website will be updated weekly with participating organizations, departments, businesses, and non-profits.
  • If you need to make changes, updates, or cancel your registration, please email gobblerfest@vt.edu. All cancellations must be submitted by August 1, 2017.
  • Got questions? Email gobblerfest@vt.edu.

I am registering as a

Organization Name

Primary Contact Name

Primary Contact Email

Primary Contact Phone Number

Please note we will be contacting the primary contact with updates the day of the event as needed.

Billing Contact Name

Billing Contact Email

Billing Contact Phone Number 

Booth Space Details

  • Booth spaces (12’ x 12’) will be assigned to you.
  • All items must fit within the booth space provided (appeal process below). Items outside the booth space will be removed.
  • One 8’ x 2’ table will be provided for you at your booth.
  • You are responsible for any chairs for your booth if desired.
  • Tents are allowed at the booth space based on compliance with the tent policy (see below)
Booth Space Appeal Process

If your organization is planning for items that will NOT fit within the assigned 12’ x 12’ footprint, please provide us clear details about your needs and the requested total footprint. The Gobblerfest team will assess your appeal and will determine if it can be accommodated. Additional space needs will be charged a minimum appeal fee of $25 (invoiced to the organization).

Tent Policy

  • Tents may not be larger than 10’ x 10’ and must be in safe, working condition.
  • One tent per booth.
  • Intention to use a tent must be declared in the registration form.
  • Inspections of all tents will be conducted on-site before the event begins.

Booth Inspections
Inspection of all booths will be conducted before the event begins. Any issues (safety, health, etc.) will need to be resolved immediately. Non-compliance will result in the removal of the organization from Gobblerfest without any refunds if payments were made.

Please give a brief description of what your organization/business/department will do at your booth.
Please select any that apply to your booth plans.
Please list any non-profit organizations, business, and/or departments you wish to be near on the event field. Note: Requests are not guaranteed.